Finding God

(This is a follow-up on my last installation).

Music has the potential to affect our emotions.  Among the many emotional responses that music can be used is to induce in us is a feeling or sense of well-being or security.  This property of music, when set to religious text or environment, has been used in religious ceremonies to create a meditative ambience designed to uplift the spirit of the worshiper.  By imbuing the immediate surrounding with calming music and tranquil images, religious ceremonies allow the worshipers to mentally and emotionally draw away from the turmoil and stresses of daily living and focus their thoughts on peaceful and elevated spiritual themes.

Lately though, much of popular religious music seems to be shying away from the unplugged acoustic meditative sound towards a more energetic  instrumental and vocal style.  While praising God should be done with passionate enthusiasm, I maintain that there is also a time when it is good to be reverent and worshipful.

For many people, being out in nature away from the hustle and bustle of city living, brings spiritual renewal.  Within the embrace of a beautiful landscape, unspoiled by the harsh effects of development, the material cares of this world melt away as if by magic, bringing life into clearer perspective, and helping to set priorities in the correct order.  There is something about returning to a more primitive setting, away from traffic jams, cell-phones and deadlines, that many people, myself included, find therapeutic.  It is here, in nature’s cathedral while listening to her music that I find God.


1. Psalms 46:10

2. 1Kings 19:10,11


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