The Viewfinder’s Guide to the Media Universe:

The 21st century will be the century of total media saturation.

    We all enjoy a little bit of media entertainment from time to time–a little bit of comedy, drama or reality tv; the occasional big screen blockbuster; some cool tunes on the mp3 player; a glossy magazine tablet computer.  

    Therefore, I think its important to remember that we are what we consume, because we are literally building our minds on the material that we stream through our senses.  Good material builds strong minds, and less optimal material builds sub-optimal minds.

      Here are some questions to ask ourselves for a more informed interpretation of our media environment:

      1. What are you trying to make me believe?
      2. What assumptions, values and worldview underlie these messages that you are channeling to me?
      3. Are these assumptions, values and worldviews consistent with my worldview?
      4. Should I accept or reject these assumptions, values and worldviews?

      I believe that we have to make these questions a conscious thought exercise whenever we consume any kind of media as a way to filter out unwanted suggestions that these media are subtlety are loaded with.  Either that or else subconsciously integrate worldly values into our minds that are inconsistent with a high quality state of spirituality.

      It will be almost impossible not to be immersed in the tsunami of behavior-conditioning and thought-propaganda media coming our way.  But being aware of it, and challenging it through these questions will be our first line of defense.


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