Allow me to introduce myself…

Hi my name is Elwood, and welcome to my blog.

I grew up surrounded by jungles, rivers and mountains in the northern part of the island of Borneo.  Being surrounded by so much nature, I developed an interest in science, particularly in biology.

This led to a profession in the applied health sciences where I worked as a clinical laboratory scientist for the past 16 years.  While I found the career initially fulfilling, (analyzing body fluids, identifying microbes, and ensuring the safety of blood transfusions), lately, it had lost much of its charm.  I felt at that time, that it lacked a certain kind of mental stimulation.  The type of mental stimulation that  would involve not just an accumulation of facts, but that which would incorporate problem-solving, enabling humanity to progress.

This brings me to the present, where now I am currently a graduate student researching Cancer and Epigenetics for a PhD in Physiology.  My goal is to better understand the cell with all its intricacies, complexities, and complications.  As a consequence, I hope that this will make a small contribution towards the betterment of our existence on this planet.

My interests in Religion and Politics/Sociology was driven into high-gear by the social turmoil resulting from the September 11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center in New York almost 10 years ago.  The hateful rhetoric at home and around the world that followed this tragic event only served to catalyze my growing interest in all matters concerning the Church and State.  Being a Christian, this crime and the religion of the perpetrators of this crime, caused me to experience a moral confusion.  My views of Christian ideals such as love, forgiveness, and longsuffering were challenged and reviewed–hopefully for the better.

It is through these paradigms that I make my commentary on the events and issues of the present day, as they relate to Religion and Sociology.

Some of my other interests, even though these days time seldom permits, in no particular order are:  photography, travel, technology, movies, music, and the outdoors.

Blessed existence.


Elwood Siagian


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